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Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters

Indulge in the delectable world of chocolate covered nut clusters from Lil’ Turtles! Our handcrafted clusters are a symphony of rich, velvety chocolate and perfectly roasted nuts, offering a satisfying…

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Jarred Products

From pickles and salsa to pasta sauce, Lil’ Turtles manufactures a variety of jarred products. What was previously only available through our many retail partners, now customers can buy our…

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Coconut Turtles

With a coconut center that’s covered in milk chocolate with roasted pecans on a white chocolate base, these candies produce a flavor explosion!  Our coconut turtle candy is perfect for…

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Pecan Turtle Candy

Why is pecan turtle candy so delicious? The answer is simple. It’s the way we make them! Pecan turtle candy is loved by everyone. That’s why we produce so many…

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