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Canned Foods Ranging from Jams to Pickles and Salsa

Trust Lil’ Turtles to deliver delicious new products like Grandma Belle’s canned foods line. From pickles and relishes to apple sauces and spreads, you will love the food and flavor varieties.  

Because choosing a favorite flavor would be nearly impossible, we are offering three and six jar bundles that allow customers to mix and match different products and flavors.  

Grandma Belle’s new canned food lineup  

Apple sauces & spreads: Flavors include cinnamon apple, gold rush apple, honey crisp apple, Jonagold apple, McIntosh apple, no-sugar-added apple, apple butter, no-sugar-added apple butter, pumpkin butter, no-sugar-added pumpkin butter, peanut butter spread, and maple syrup.  

Eggs: Varieties include eggs pickled in several flavors, including banana pepper, ghost pepper, jalapeno, mustard, pickled, and red beet.  

Fruit: Grandma Belle’s sliced peaches include delicious peaches drenched in mouthwatering sweet syrup. 

Jams, jellies, and preserves:  Available in over 75 flavors, including Acai Berry, apple cinnamon, banana split, black raspberry jam, and jelly, chocolate covered cherry, hoppin’ FROG jam, orange marmalade, passion fruit, and “traffic jam.”  

Pickles & pickled vegetables: Grandma Belle offers nearly 30 kinds of pickles and pickled vegetables, including baby dill pickles, bread & butter pickles, and many more.  

Salsa & relish: Enjoy Grandma Belle’s 18 kinds of salsa and relish, including black bean salsa, cherry salsa, chipotle salsa, hot habanero salsa, bread & butter pickle relish, corn relish, sweet jalapeno relish, green tomato relish, and more.  

Sauces: Grandma Belle’s lip-smacking sauces include hickory apple BBQ, Original BBQ, peach BBQ, raspberry BBQ, strawberry BBQ, and sweet jalapeno BBQ. Mustards range from sweet to roasted garlic to jalapeno, and we also offer pizza and pasta sauce.  

Soups: Soups include sweet corn chili and tomato basil.  

Have your canned goods your way! 

You can now build your bundle of Grandma Belle’s scrumptious canned foods to receive a unique order every time. Start with a three-pack mix-and-match bundle with large or small sized canned goods or do the same with large or small sized container six-pack bundles.  

Lil’ Turtles’ extensive new product line of canned foods is available in convenient sizes and mix-and-match bundles that give you the choice you want. Start shopping!   

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