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Buckeye Bars – Irresistible Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate

Candy lovers have diverse options when they’re looking for the best ways to satisfy their cravings. 
The ever-popular Buckeye Bar as well as the Mini Buckeye Bar will likely be at the top of anyone’s list. Why are they so appealing? 

It’s not just the chocolate and peanut butter combination that delights people of all ages. People absolutely love how they’re made – just the right amount of creamy peanut butter covered with delicious milk chocolate. 
Lil’ Turtles has the right recipe to satisfy even the most discerning candy enthusiast. In other words, it’s tough to resist our Buckeye Bar as well as the Mini Buckeye Bar. You will enjoy the flavor of these amazing treats. 
Of course, it always makes sense to share the confection with your family, friends or others who will appreciate your gesture.  
What’s not to like about this traditional candy that derives its name from the buckeye tree nut? 

The buckeye tree got its name because the nuts look like a deer’s eye. Ohio is even nicknamed “The Buckeye State” because of the number of buckeye trees that used to be all over Ohio. The Ohio legislature in 1953 made the buckeye tree the state’s official tree. About 12 years later, The Ohio State University introduced Brutus Buckeye as its athletics mascot. 
Are you ready for your next order of mouth-watering buckeye candy? Get as much as you need today. 

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