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Turtles Candy – the Anytime Treat

You have many choices when it comes to candy, including what you like to eat the most or even make if you have a passion for preparing snacks in your kitchen. 
We make your decisions easy with our turtles candy. We’ve perfected the right mix of ingredients to surpass all of your expectations. You don’t need to follow a no-bake recipe. Just order as much of our delicious candy as you want. 

Options abound at Lil’ Turtles. Be sure to check out the Marshmallow Pecan Turtles with a marshmallow center covered in milk chocolate and filled with roasted pecans. We also feature many other delicious candies like the Mini Caramel Pecan Turtles with a caramel center, covered in milk chocolate as well as roasted pecans on a white chocolate base. 
Sure, you can always get one piece of this gooey candy. But consider ordering a case with 24 pieces (you can get 48 of the Mini Peanut Butter Pecan Turtles).  

Customers tell us the candy is nothing short of incredible. They enjoy the taste and the special care we take to ensure that they’re not too hard or too chewy. 
You might think turtles candy is only for special holidays like Christmas. The popular treat certainly adds a distinctive flavor for cherished times of the year. But they’re a great treat anytime. 
Order some to have on hand for yourself. Or, you may want to give turtles candy to others who will appreciate the gift and your thoughtfulness. Maybe you’ll get a case for someone’s birthday. But you may simply want to express a “thank you” for something they did for you. How about buying the candy just because? Surprise a family member or friend out of the blue. 
Whether you get them for yourself or others, there is no denying that they’re irresistible and decadent at the same time. 
Keep them handy as you watch your favorite TV show. Make sure to feature them after a scrumptious meal or include them on dessert trays. And don’t forget to make someone’s day when with an unexpectant gift. You can never go wrong with turtles candy. 

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