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Pecan Turtle Candy

Why is pecan turtle candy so delicious? The answer is simple. It’s the way we make them! Pecan turtle candy is loved by everyone. That’s why we produce so many of them at our Lil’ Turtles happy factory in Baltic, Ohio – because these yummy treats simply make people smile. 
Even better, when we pair our pecan turtle candy with other ingredients such as coconut, marshmallow, caramel, peanut butter and mocha, you get some of the very best candy in the world. Our chocolates are ideal for every event and occasion. Take a look at some of the many ways you can make people smile with our mouth-watering pecan turtle candy.

Company Events

Whether it’s an annual banquet or a customer gift, there’s always a need for more chocolate pecan turtles!  When you place a large order, you’ll have the inventory you need when you need it. Plus, re-orders are quick and easy!


When you need to raise money to support your favorite organization or charitable cause, remember that chocolate pecan turtles sell! From school programs to scouting and more, turtles are perfect for fundraisers because they are the ultimate “Fun-Raiser.”

Holidays and Special Occasions

What goes better with birthdays, weddings, holidays and other special occasions than pecan turtle candy?  Those heavenly treats always make people feel good. Whether you serve a tray of chocolate turtles as part of a candy buffet or gift as favors at your special event – you’ll be sure to impress your guests.


Here’s a look at some of crave-worthy pecan turtle candy options we currently offer.  

  • Marshmallow Pecan Turtles  
    These turtles have a marshmallow center that’s covered in milk chocolate with roasted pecans. You’ll be sharing them with friends!   
  • Peanut Butter Pecan Turtle Candy  
    Look out for the peanut butter center, covered in milk chocolate with roasted pecans on a milk chocolate base. If you love peanut butter, pecans and chocolate as much as we do, then you’ll dig these treats!   
  • Caramel Pecan Turtles 
    Our classic fan-favorite is the caramel center turtle that’s covered in milk chocolate with roasted pecans on a white chocolate base. Your mouth will thank you.  

When you need amazing pecan turtle candy for yourself, a special occasion or for a gift, simply give us a call at (330) 897-6400 or send us a message. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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